May 13, 2017 Master Teacher Sharing

Master teachers share from their wealth of ideas and experience!



May 13, 2017

8:30 am Registration and complimentary breakfast
9:00 am – 3:00 pm Workshop with one-hour lunch at noon*

*Lunch can be ordered the morning of the workshop


Odyssey Charter School
738 East Quality Drive
American Fork

Who & What?

Linda Seamons: Engaging Activities That Enhance the CurriculumL_Seamons.jpg

When you play the Alabama Gal game, did you ever think of making real rock candy for your students?  Need some fun songs for improvisation?  How about a rhythm race for learning those tricky ti-tiki and tiki-ti rhythms?  You’ll get ideas like these and many more from Linda as she presents her ideas on how to enhance your Kodaly curriculum.

Linda is in her 7th year teaching music and choir at Amelia Earhart Elementary in Provo. She received an Outstanding Educator of the Year Award in the Provo School District in 2016. She received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Ohio State University and an MA at Brigham Young University with an emphasis in early childhood music education. She has taught over 30 years, many of them teaching classes for parents and young children, but was also a band director in her former life. She loves creating new materials and games for her students to use in class. She has many of her creations for sale on Teachers-Pay-Teachers.

Deanna Lee: Three Pillars of Management Success in the Music ClassroomD_Lee.jpg

Feel like you’re at a dead end for making inroads with those difficult students?  Wondering what to do to liven things up a little?  Feeling like you and the principal are on different planets?  Come find out how to build a strong management foundation for your music classroom, and extend your expertise beyond the music room door!

Deanna comes to us recently from the regular ed classroom.  We are thrilled to have her.  She is a wealth of ideas, and is so cheerful about the new set of challenges she gets to tackle as she transfers all of her knowledge about teaching and applies it to Kodaly music.  Deanna currently teaches music and choir at Edgemont Elementary in Provo.

Marie Haws: Weaving the Tapestry: How to Help Our Students See the Real Targets in Our LessonsM_Haws.jpg

Learning Targets.  Success Criteria.  These are just a few of the latest buzz words in education.  Marie will share her ideas on how to implement and adjust these ideas in the type of spiral curriculum that many Kodaly teachers use in their teaching.

Marie currently teaches music and choir at Westridge Elementary in Provo.  She will be conducting the newly minted Provo School District Honor Choir with Benjamin Peterson, which will have its first performance on March 15, 2017.  She is also the current president of UFOLKS.

Krista Perkins: Classroom Tour and Management Ideaskrista_bio.png

We’ll be hanging out in Krista’s room for this workshop, so she’ll favor us with a little tour of her room and some great ideas on how she structures her classroom management.  Krista has some wonderful organizational skills, so get excited for some new ideas about how to organize your classroom to help transitions and materials flow more smoothly!

Krista currently teaches music and choir at Odyssey Charter School.  She is also one of the faculty for Intermuse, the Kodaly certification program at BYU.

Katherine Chipman: A Window into a Great Musical Heritage–Applying the Eighteenth-Century Partimento through Folk Song to Build Chorale Musicianship SkillsKatherine Chipman.jpg

Have you ever been interested in using improvisation as a way to increase a choir’s musicianship skills? Learn how folk song and the eighteenth-century partimento tradition provides the key to building choir student’s musical “vocabulary.”

Active as a Kodály Music Specialist, Royal Conservatory Piano teacher, and presenter Katherine loves to share her great love of music with her students. She received her Masters of Music from the University of Utah, Kodály Certification from BYU’s InterMuse Academy, and National Teacher Certification from Music Teacher National Association.  During the winter break, she directs a Singers Abroad Program in Italy. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, reading, and trail running.

Logan McKinney: A Good Balance: Creating an Oral Tradition in a 21st Century Classroom0.jpg

Péter Erdei once wrote “‘From the simplest children’s song to the highest peak of musical art’–this could be the ars poetica of every school music teacher.  And every step along this lengthy, tiring path must occur on secure musical soil.”  The presentation will focus on how the appropriate breakdown of skill development enhances the oral tradition necessary for establishing a fulfilling musical education.  Centering on how the correct sequencing can enhance the success of the student, the presentation will draw on systems of pedagogical development established by Erzsébet Szőnyi,  Erzsébet Hegyi, Jenő Ádám, László Dobszay, Katalin Forrai, Rita Klinger, and Lois Choksy.

Logan McKinney received his Masters degree in Music Education with a Kodály Emphasis from The Kodály Center at Holy Names University.  He is a recipient of The Sorenson Legacy Award for Excellence in Arts Education in the State of Utah, currently working as the Kodály Music Specialist at Lakeview Elementary while also directing their orchestra and choir programs.  He teaches at the Intermuse Academy of Musicianship and Pedagogy for Kodály Certification at Brigham Young University and chairs the Utah Valley String Festival, while also having given pedagogical presentations on the state and national level and currently preparing to present at the 23rd International Kodály Symposium in Canada this summer. Logan lives with his wife Sydney, a Kodály-certified violin teacher, and their daughter in Cedar Hills, Utah.


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