January 24, 2015 – Creating Classroom Materials


Final 6

Pop-up Puppet

January 24, 2015

8:30am Registration and Breakfast

9am – 3pm Workshop

Provo School District

280 West 940 North


This “make-and-take” event is a time to create some useful classroom materials including pop-up puppets, rhythm blocks, and solfa flashcards. This will also be a great opportunity to rub shoulders with other music teachers and share ideas.


Instead of paying a flat fee for this workshop, you’ll pay a $15 session fee and then pay for whatever projects you want to create that day. Feel free to sign up for as many projects as you’d like. If you don’t finish at the workshop you can take the kit home!

Pop-up puppet (shown above)  – $10

Use this puppet as a character in your classroom, to signal when to continue singing in your head, or to signal dynamics.


Rhythm Blocks


Rhythm blocks

set of 16 – $4

Use these 1″ cubes for centers, dictating rhythms, deriving known songs, or composing.




Solfa Flashcards

Set of 50 – $8

These half-page flashcards combine common rhythms with common solfa patterns. Use them to guess a mystery song, practice a new solfa note, tap rhythms in canon, or composing.

Solfege Flashcards: sol-mi

Solfa Flashcards



Solfa Texting Sticks

Solfa Texting Sticks

Set of 30 – $5

These texting sticks are great for mixing things up in the classroom. They’ll come in handy when practicing singing in solfa, and they’ll definitely increase individual participation. One side of the stick has the pentatonic scale and the other has the diatonic.

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