2017-2018 Workshop Schedule

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February 17, 2018                            
Using Art Music in the Classroom by Logan McKinney

Odyssey Charter School (738 E 700 S, American Fork, UT 84003)
9am – 3pm

Workshop Description:

What does the music of Beethoven have to do with with Croatian flowers?  How did one Chinese folk song inspire Pucinni’s great operas and Grainger’s orchestral arrangements?  How can you quickly and effectively connect Bach and Berg?  How can you help the student transition from the music of Joseph Haydn to the compositions of Amy Beach?

In an interview with John Feierabend, Dr. Katalin Forrai made the following statement, “Even with the best wish, and the best will, the folk songs are sometimes overemphasized, but Kodály said that we should come to the wide music literature….It means if we have 70 percent folk songs and 30 percent composed music, it doesn’t bring us to the wide world of the music literature.  It should have a certain good balance between the folk tradition and the composed music; otherwise the young people don’t find the right way to the good music…which makes the human being better.”  Many teachers working in the Kodály philosophy today struggle with finding or creating meaningful ways in which to connect the folk tradition with composed music in the classroom.  The purpose of this workshop will be to give teachers effective tools to help integrate art music into their music curricula.  Using thousands of examples gleaned from the collections of Hegyi, Dobszay, Day-O’Connell, Rappaport, and independent research, participants will learn how a love and understanding of art music can be developed in even the youngest—and oldest—of students.  Through direct folk song quotation, partial reworking of folk song material, and strictly pedagogical application of art music examples the Kodály-inspired teacher will have multiple possibilities of developing within his or her classroom what Ildikó Herboly-Kocsár refers to as the “Two Pillars” of our musical culture.


Logan McKinney received his Masters degree in Music Education with a Kodály Emphasis from The Kodály Center at Holy Names University.  He is a recipient of The Sorenson Legacy Award for Excellence in Arts Education in the State of Utah, currently working as the Kodály Music Specialist at Lakeview Elementary while also directing their orchestra and choir programs.  He teaches at the Intermuse Academy of Musicianship and Pedagogy for Kodály Certification at Brigham Young University and chairs the Utah Valley String Festival.  Logan lives with his wife Sydney, a Kodály-certified violin teacher, and their daughter in Cedar Hills, Utah.

April 14, 2018
Make and Take

Odyssey Charter School (738 E 700 S, American Fork, UT 84003)
9am – 3pm

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