2017-2018 Workshop Schedule

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April 14, 2018
“Make and Take”

Odyssey Charter School (738 E 700 S, American Fork, UT 84003)
9am – 3pm (it might end a little earlier depending on time needed to make materials)

Join us for a day of “making and taking” the following materials for your classroom:

Bubble Microphones $4.50 (set of 4)

A super easy way to get students to sing on pitch, participate in solos, and improvise. They can choose to sing into their favorite color microphone. Once a child sings, you blow bubbles on them:) It is super magical. Easy to refill. 

UFOLKS make it take it workshop pics.006.jpeg

My Little Rooster teacher size and student size Cost $3
(teacher set + student set)
These cute stick puppets go with I Love My Rooster fun song that is perfect for expanding your students’ vocal range.

My Little Rooster.jpeg

 Finger puppets $5 for 10 puppets
Perfect for getting your students’ attention and introducing songs in a fun way. Puppets are magical! All materials will be gathered for you to make it easy. 

Kodaly Curriculum finger puppets.jpeg


Conducting Batons $7.50 for 25
When working on steady beat and various time signatures, students are motivated to get these batons in their hands. Super fun and motivating for many ages.


Ribbon Wands $15 for 25
Perfect for getting students moving to music. 25 wands in 5 different colors. Ribbons are 48 inches long. Will look slightly different than this picture.
Ribbon Wands in 5 colors.jpeg
Twins Card Game $1.30 per set

Perfect game for a substitute to use, a center, or for groups if you make more sets. There are 31 cards (8 pages). Small groups or pairs put down two cards. The person or group who identifies the matching symbol from both cards wins the two cards. When all cards are gone, the one with the most cards is the winner of the game. To make it more challenging, students have to say the correct name of the symbol in order to win. There are two pages of symbol names to help students remember. To make it even harder, have advanced students not use the key. 

(Make more sets for several groups of kids to play at once). Laminate on your own if you want them to be more durable. 

Twins game.jpeg


Registration Fees:
Non-Member: $20
Student: Free
Materials chosen during registration will added to the registration fee.


State relicensure hours are available for EACH individual workshop.

For attendees who are not certified teachers but would still like to have evidence of having attended the workshop, certificates will be available at each workshop.